Our manufacturing process conforms to certain strict tolerances. The information below is intended as a reference guide for those tolerances, and is chosen from ASTM A513 and A787 and its relation to ERW Carbon Mechanical Tubing manufactured at Imperial Steel Products Ltd.

Length Tolerance:
Mill Run - +-.125

Under 8.000"od - .030 per every 3'
8.000" and over - .060 per every 3'

Outside Diameter Tolerances:
2.875"od - 3.000" od +-.008
3.250"od - 3.500"od +- .009
3.750"od - 4.000"od +- .010
4.250"od - 6.000"od +-.020
6.250"od - 8.000"od +- .025
8.250"od - 10.000"od +-.035
12.000"od - 12.750"od +- .040

Inside Flash availability:
Flash in
Flash controlled .010
Flash controlled .005

Pre coated steel:
G90 Galvanized
T140 Aluminized

Remetalized weld zone:
The outside weld zone on galvanized and aluminized tubing is recoated with an aluminum coating.

Destructive and non-destructive testing:
Both are done in-house during production process

Contact us if you would like more detailed information about our tolerances and overall processes.

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