Imperial Steel believes that sustainable development must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. A green economy supports global prosperity, while preserving and enhancing the planet's resources.

We respect the environment and want to do our part to minimize our footprint. The raw material that we purchase from steel mills is comprised of a high percentage of recycled material.

When forming our steel from sheets into tubes, the cold forming process requires lubrication of both the metal and the machine. The liquid used to lubricate is collected, filtered and cleaned as part of our internal recycling process. Any organic fluids rated unusable are collected and sent to a local refinery where they can be cleaned and put back into use for other processes.

While generating scrap steel tubing is inevitable, we strive to minimize the amount of scrap generated. The small amount that is generated is sent to a recycling depot where it gets reduced for easy handling and shipped to a steel mill who then recycles the scrap and creates raw material to begin the process over again.

We've enjoyed a long relationship with Urbanmine, a local company experienced in metal recycling, to support our efforts of reducing our carbon footprint.


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