Imperial Steel Winnipeg

New Welding System at Imperial Steel

Imperial Steel is excited to announce the installation of our newest tubular welding system – a variable high and low frequency electric resistance, solid state welder.


This type of welder produces engineered structural sections at high speeds with unlimited beam profiles and higher structural performance at lighter weights. Solid-state, high-frequency welding requires minimal heat input and provides the ability to control welding parameters such as time and temperature, resulting in improved weld properties in the weld zone.

The importance of this new technology at Imperial Steel is that it expands our capabilities to many other round tubular products and markets. By controlling welding power and frequency, we have been able to expand into the Stainless Steel market. We have started rolling 400 series in some of our sizes and looking at expansion. We soon expect to be running 300 series off our tube lines.

Please be sure to contact us regarding the sizes, gauges and series of stainless steel that you need.