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Workplace Safety in the Manufacturing Industry

Workplace health and safety is key to the success of any manufacturing business. Not only do manufacturers want to ensure their employees function in the best possible environment, but workplace health and safety is also key to their financial success as worker productivity increases exponentially in a safe environment. Most importantly, workers in a safe and healthy environment produce the highest quality products.

The keys to workplace health and safety are found in the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety standards. Guidelines include fire safety, first aid and emergency plans. Since implementing these standards in 1970, workplace injuries and illness have decreased by 40 per cent. But manufacturing, construction, engineering, welding and other physically-demanding workplaces require more specific standards.

Risk hazard assessments, appropriate tools and other equipment are some examples and the use of personal safety equipment such as helmets, gloves, face and ear protection, appropriate clothing and safety footwear is paramount to their success,.


Worker compliance is a necessity for ensuring the safety of workers. These standards can be achieved through communication and education. Well-trained managers and floor staff understand the importance of safety wear and can share information through both verbal and written reminders. Posters and other written notices should be prominently displayed throughout the workplace. And managers should meet regularly with workers to ensure they understand the importance of workplace safety.

Beyond safety gear, equipment must also comply with safety standards. At Imperial Steel, we ensure that not only our workplace is healthy but that our products, developed for the automotive and agriculture industries, are produced with the highest quality and care. Our tubing lines include galvanized, aluminized, welded, hot rolled and cold rolled and our products are rust-protected to the best degree possible using ZAM® alloy coated steel. For more information on our products visit us at